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20 Games That TROLLED Youtubers

20 Games That TROLLED Youtubers Video Sources (subscribe to them) xLetalis TZ Pewdiepie Ninja DannzaPlays Xqc jacksepticeye perfect paradox Saiyan Achievement Hunter YeWest Ferrogi_Gamer PS5Trophies VGFaq TylerCKB AutumnTheCuzzy GTASeriesVideos MasterDazzleXD Neonraindrops Gaming with Griff Griffin ? neonraindrops Trzebiat Thekotti Isaiah1516 Jimmy Here Bigmooney xGarbett yasguru56 Ikdro Follow us on Instagram & Twitter to be informed […]

I coded with Python (Using Sockets/Networking and Pygame)

I tried coding in python using sockets, networking and the python module pygame. This project is coded using entirely python and can host multiple people playing from different machines on different networks. Code: Playlist: Get %30 off a subscription with the code: techwithtim ◾◾◾◾◾ 💻 Enroll in The Fundamentals of Programming w/ Python […]