What are currently the best Co-op survival multiplayer games for PC to play with friends in 2023? I go through the top 30 best co-op survival games to play for those who crave deep survival game aspects, crafting, building & exploring, while also having a big focus on multiplayer. Some are these are super popular and well-known, and some are older and underrated, but they all share incredible survival game features.

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The list is separated into 2 categories, the first 15 survival games cost money and are on average of higher standard. The second part of the list contains 15 of the best free survival games I could find. Now some of these are actually insanely well done, and I highly recommend checking them out, as free games are always a great place to start.

00:00 Intro
00:31 Eco
1:28 Valheim
2:23 Rust
3:19 Grounded
4:13 Sons of The Forest
5:10 DayZ
6:09 Satisfactory
7:00 Scum
7:58 Raft
8:55 Conan Exiles
9:55 Don’t Starve Together
10:50 7 Days to Die
11:45 Green Hell
12:43 No Man’s Sky
13:41 Project Zomboid
Free Games
14:36 Beached
15:26 Stay Out
16:19 Unturned
17:16 Will to Live Online
18:15 Muck
19:06 Arid
19:57 Dead Maze 2
20:52 Yet Another Zombie Defense
21:49 Dead Frontier 2
22:43 Codename CURE
23:42 Walking Zombie 2
24:39 No More Room In Hell
25:26 SAS: Zombie Assault 4
26:22 SCP: Secret Laboratory
27:16 Xera Survival
27:59 Outro

Platforms: PS5, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

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