Game 1 link:
Game 2 link:
Game 3 link: (Browser-based, minimal installation): is a fast-paced first-person shooter game that you can play in your web browser. It features a pixelated art style and various game modes, making it a fun and lightweight online multiplayer game. It doesn’t require a significant installation.
Keep in mind that the install size for these games may have changed since my last knowledge update, and new games may have been released in the interim. Additionally, some online games may require browser plugins or extensions for optimal performance. Always be cautious when downloading and installing any software to ensure it is from a trusted source.

Using effective hashtags in your gaming videos can help increase their visibility and discoverability. Here are some popular and effective hashtags for viral gaming videos:

#Gaming – A general gaming hashtag for a broad audience.
#GameName – Replace “GameName” with the title of the game you’re playing.
#Gameplay – A tag that highlights the video’s gameplay elements.
#GamerLife – For content related to the gaming lifestyle.
#GamingCommunity – To connect with fellow gamers.
#VideoGames – A common hashtag for video game-related content.
#GameReview – Suitable for video game reviews and analysis.
#GameTips – Use this for videos providing tips and strategies.
#Streamers – If you’re a gaming streamer, this hashtag is relevant.
#Esports – For content related to competitive gaming and esports.
#GamingSetup – Showcasing your gaming setup or equipment.
#Twitch – Relevant if you’re streaming on Twitch.
#LetsPlay – Suitable for Let’s Play and gameplay commentary videos.
#GameStreaming – Use for live streaming or gameplay streaming content.
#GamingNews – For videos discussing the latest gaming news and updates.
#FunnyMoments – If your video includes funny or humorous gaming moments.
#EpicFails – For videos highlighting epic failures or mishaps in games.
#GameHighlights – Showcasing the best moments from your gaming session.
#GamingClips – Use for short, memorable gaming clips.
#GameArt – Applicable to videos focused on game art, fan art, or design.
#RetroGaming – For content related to classic or retro games.
#GamingMemories – Highlighting nostalgia and memorable gaming experiences.
#MobileGaming – For videos featuring mobile games.
#IndieGames – Relevant for indie game reviews and gameplay.
#VRGaming – If your video involves virtual reality gaming.
#GamingForGood – Use for charity or philanthropic gaming initiatives.
#GameDev – Appropriate for content related to game development.
#GamingCommunityHighlight – To showcase positive interactions within the gaming community.
#GameTrailers – Suitable for game trailer reaction and analysis videos.
#NewRelease – For videos covering new game releases