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Still remember your childhood crush game Battle City on NES console ?
Get ready for a featuring adventure in the world of epic tank battles,
mortal combats and face≠to≠face encounters with your enemies!
Tanki IO Online is a brilliant game that brings the best parts of action, shooting, and MMO≠style gameplay
to mobile devices which is something bigger devices like tablets really need.

This massive multiplayer 3D online tank game will keep you busy and entertained until you destroy all your enemies.
Tanki IO Online have a equal battle map, you will interesting for experienced players and all newbies.
Install the game, enter your name, join or creat your room, target, and FIRE!

Tanki IO Online Features:
– 5 scifi tank io models
– Various item to get: Heal, Amor, Missile, Flamethrower, Laser Canon
– Smart battle map for Tank shooting
– Nice 3D graphics and real≠time battle
– Unique camouflage and various kinds of armaments
– Impressive sound effects;
– Virtual Joystick and tapping aim control
– Leaderboards and achievements
– Internet connection required
– Powered by Unity Networking servers, no more laggy

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This app powered by and totally free to download and play, all items are also free to use!