This is It’s an online shooter, combining classic .io gameplay with a tongue-in-cheek style inspired by 80’s action flicks.

You’ll take control of one of a variety of familiar-looking characters, dropped into a 3D isometric map with nothing but your wits. Oh, and a gun. The gun is probably more important.

Run around the map, collect power-ups, find other players and shoot them until they die! Simple, right? Getting kills increases your points and increasing your points helps you climb the leaderboard.

There’s a huge variety of weapons to unlock and upgrade including pistols, shotguns, rifles, rocket launchers and even crazier implements of death and destruction. Upgrading your weapons will take time, but makes them more effective at the one thing they do best: VIOLENCE. features a huge cast of characters that may, coincidentally, be familiar to fans of classic action flicks as well as video games and comic books. There’s more to be added as the game continues development.

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