turns out, going to itch dot io and specifically ignoring the cesspool of youtuber-bait horror games DOES net you some FANTASTIC indie games!! Such as Undertale 2,

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Putting too many links in the description gets YouTube’s anti-scam systems flared up, so i can’t link them individually, but all those games can be found by looking their title up on !
(but personally, those that you should ABSOLUTELY TRY OUT are:
Untitled Hook Game by Bonnie:
UNDERTALE 2 by Zizou: )

00:00 Intro
00:16 Sussy Game
01:06 Creat World
01:33 Google Dinosaur Shooter
02:01 Attack On Slime
02:43 Gears of Babies
03:28 Horse Divorce
04:03 Let’s Fart Brandon
05:01 Mr. Krabs Commits Arson
05:54 Untitled Hook Game
11:13 GAME OF THE YEAR: 420BLAZEIT vs xxXilluminatiXxx
16:06 hi no homo
16:22 Cooking with Cat
17:52 Wagon Runaway
20:30 Baba Files His Taxes
21:45 Jerry Is Not Invited

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