Ever wanted to create your very own multiplayer VR game but weren’t sure how to? Wait no more! I have made this series to show you exactly how to set up your own VR multiplayer game using Unity. In this video I will show exactly how to add objects that are synchronised between your and others games.

Creating VR multiplayer games is a dream for many people and normcore makes it very simple by providing a very simple method for setting up multiplayer for your Unity VR multiplayer game. Make sure to subscribe to this video to get access to future videos on building out VR Multiplayer, such as how to how to equip and use items in Unity VR multiplayer, as well as how to keep score.

After following this, you will be prepared to build your own VR multiplayer game in Unity for the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, as well as Steam VR and others. Improve your game development skills by allowing you to build multiplayer games.

Download Normcore.io here: