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This is a short video I decided to make about my process of learning to make a multiplayer indie game in Unity. I started gamedev a few months ago, and since quarantine it’s getting worse were I live, I wanted to make something to play with my friends and spend some time on it. Hope you like this video, I’m gonna be uploading game dev related stuff in this channel.
If you want to check out the game, it’s on my Itch.io page

Tutorials I used:

Dani’s FPS Movement:
Tom Weiland’s C# Networking Series:
Sebastian League’s Character Creation Blender:

Music used in this video:

-Deltarune – “Checkers [K. Round Theme]” NITRO Mini-Remix/Cover:
– Mega Man Zero – “Esperanto X Freesia” NITRO Remix:
-HxH Soundtrack:

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