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CSS stuff
e-mail to enable CSS: [email protected]
CSS Code used in the video

Great Place to Learn CSS

Google Fonts

Picture Sizes Guide
Screenshot size: 720p (1280px X 720px)
Cover size: (630px X 500px)
Banner size: (1000px in Width) or (900px in Width)
Background size: (1280px X 400px)
Embed Background size: 720p (1280px X 720px)
Cursor size: (40px X 40px)
Time Stamps
Introduction: (0:00​)
small notes: (0:13)

Game Title: (0:32​)
write better Game Description: (0:53​)
Game Screenshots: (3:35​)
Game Cover Image: (4:11​)
Game Banner Image: (4:36​)

-Advanced Tips-
Itchio page structure: (5:20​)
Let the Middle Part POP: (5:25​)
Elevate the Banner: (5:20​)
Add Embed Build Background: (6:45​)

-Ultra Advanced Tips-
Why CSS: (8:10​)
Custom Cursor and background: (9:00​)
Nice Plugins: (11:16​)
Final CSS Results: (12:00​)
Outro: (12:21​)

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