Welcome to Krew.io! Krew is a multiplayer Raft sinking game where you take the role of a captain or Krew member to pilot ships around a sandbox arena! Sink ships, collect and sell scrap, to become the Krew biggest ship!
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Welcome to Krew.io! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. Krew.io is similar to games like Agar.io and games like slither.io and games like diep.io. Krew.io, you take the roll of a sea captain or krew member to sail the high seas and attack other ships to capture the cargo they hold. As your krew gains more money, you go to land to purchase larger rafts, boats, and destroyers. Use these larger ships to expand your krew and become the top player of the leaderboard!

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If you want to play Krew.io follow this link:

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