Hello and welcome to my first video on indie game development, I will be making more like these in the future so stick around if that sounds interesting!

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Parasail minigame – Breath of the Wild
Hateno village – Breath of the Wild
Outset Island – Wind Waker HD
Extraterrestrial Wahwahs – Pizza Tower
Gigachad song Doom version
King Hippo – Punch-Out Wii
Poké Floats – Smash Bros. Melee

3D scratch game:

Before commenting:

“What about roblox?”:
A lot of people mentionned Roblox as a way to learn how to make 3D games, and that’s completely valid! I didn’t think about mentioning roblox while making this video because I have absolutely 0 experience with it. Last time I’ve seriously used roblox was in 2012 at best. But I’ve been told by many people that Roblox is a great way to learn how to make 3D games, and that I shouldn’t underestimate its power! So if you really want to make 3D games and you don’t have a lot of experience, you might want to look into Roblox!

“Actually Unity is easy to learn because I learned it easily”:
If you thought Unity was easy to learn, then great! That’s actually really cool! But not everyone is as good at learning as you, and the tips in my video mostly applies to people who aren’t as good to learn new things. If you think you have what it takes to learn unity with no prior experience, then by all means, go ahead. But proceed at your own risks.

Other clarifications:
Construct 3 is not actually free, but it does have a free trial
Undertale was made in Game Maker 1, hence why I only mentioned Deltarune because its made in GMS2
Baba Is You was actually made in Multimedia Fusion 2, which is the predecessor to Clickteam Fusion 2.5, it’s the same thing but they just changed the name between version 2 and 2.5
The RPG Maker engine program itself isn’t open source, but the code that your game runs on is.