Construct 3 Tutorial on how to implement Multiplayer using the built in Construct 3 Multiplayer Plugin. I cover login, game lists by region, staging, and design concepts on how to implement common features for peer to peer games.

00:27 – Intro
01:52 – UFO Oddball Demo
04:32 – Miro Board Lesson Plan
08:09 – Login
15:13 – Messaging
15:52 – Game
16:53 – Signalling
21:17 – Initializing World
28:13 – Host Events Start
36:03 – Points Death & Respawn
41:55 – Peer Events Start
48:02 – Common Events Start

There are other multiplayer options out there but wanted to start with what is available for free :). This is a long tutorial so definitely check out the source project file available on the itch page below along with maybe playing a round!

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The game can be played at the link below in addition to the construct 3 project file being downloaded.

Project Itch Link:

The artwork for this game is pretty much all CC0 art from Kenney:

I enjoyed making this tutorial and I hope you find it useful. Please leave your comments down below on what you would like to see next and if you enjoyed it please subscribe!