We see whether Golf with Friends will be the online party mini golf game the PC needs in our gameplay video. Subscribe for more Alpha Soup:

Watch our Let’s Play Golf with Friends video:

In our Golf with Friends gameplay video we discuss what makes this minigolf game stand out compared to the “millions” that the developers already acknowledge are out there.

Golf with Friends tries to be the ultimate online multiplayer experience, making it as easy as possible to set up a game. We take a look at the mechanics of the game to see how it plays in reality.

We look at what feels good and bad about the Golf with Friends alpha as it stands, looking at basic gameplay as well as hole design.


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Official game description:

“Ever wanted to play a quick game of mini golf with your friends and/or family but just hate going outside? Well we thought the same, so we created Golf With Friends!

We wanted it to be more than a standard mini golf game (there are millions), we wanted a complete online experience, featuring customization, level editor, great graphics and an interesting art style.

The game is completely multiplayer and we did this for a major reason. We wanted to be able to provide anybody the ability to host a game without any server setup or running costs.”

Golf with Friends game version: alpha 0.0.5
Developed by: BlackLight Interactive
Formats available: PC Windows

Official site:
Golf with Friends download:
Steam Greenlight:


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