is an awesome library that provides a real-time event-driven connection between a client and server relying on Websockets and other protocols and approaches to guarantee the real-time capability and performance boost when it comes to handling thousands of socket connections and load balancing it on multiple servers. In this video, you’ll learn from scratch and understand the most important aspects behind that allows you to quickly develop Socket servers and create client-side applications using Javascript and React to connect to the server and communicate and exchange data throughout an event-driven mechanism, We will create a full Tic-Tac-Toe Multiplayer online game using, Node.js, Express.js and React and make it work perfectly that you can use it among your friends and have a good time together playing XO.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00:00 Getting started and what we’ll build
00:03:20 Understanding how works in a nutshell
00:09:40 Setting up Express Server Project and Installing dependencies
00:13:07 Creating our server with Express
00:26:57 Setting up React client application with typescript
00:27:45 Connecting Socket Client to server
00:33:04 custom events (Emit and Listen)
00:36:59 Rooms and joining custom rooms for our game
00:49:09 Allowing the user to type and join a custom game room
01:21:24 Creating our Tic Tac Toe game board
01:33:56 Update game board through sockets between multiplayers
01:53:08 Handling players turns when playing a game
01:57:37 Sending start game event when players are ready
02:08:32 Checking if one player has won the game
02:14:34 Sending Win status to other player

💻 Grab full Client/Server Source Code on Github:

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