Learn to build an online dual tic-tac-toe game. This game uses Flutter, Node.js, Express, Socket.io, MongoDB and Mongoose. This Flutter tutorial is for beginners looking to get some experience in Node + Flutter. This xoxo game is multiplayer game allowing two users to play at the same time against each other. You will learn to create and join rooms, play realtime without having the need to refresh the screen, display points and create a glow themed UI in Flutter. We will build an app available for Android, iOS, Web, MacOS and Windows!

Prerequisite for this tutorial is just to have a basic knowledge of Flutter & Dart!

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(00:00:00) Introduction & Demo
(00:00:37) Flutter Project Setup
(00:17:07) Create Room Screen UI
(00:26:20) Join Room Screen UI
(00:28:43) Nodejs Intro
(00:33:58) Creating Nodejs Server
(00:45:33) Connecting to MongoDB
(00:51:33) Connecting to Socket.io
(00:57:53) Creating Rooms
(01:32:01) Adding Provider State Management
(01:39:50) Joining Rooms
(02:04:02) Waiting Lobby
(02:16:26) Scoreboard UI
(02:20:48) Tic-tac-toe Board UI
(02:26:16) Displaying X and O Realtime
(02:44:56) Playing According to User Turns
(02:48:06) Adding Animation
(02:48:57) Displaying Turn
(02:51:30) Checking & Displaying Winner of Round
(03:05:51) Clear Board
(03:08:30) Check Winner of Game
(03:14:25) End Game
(03:17:15) Conclusion

Regex for MongoDB ID Validation: /^[0-9a-fA-F]{24}$/

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