– It’s Fishy but It’s Tasty – Join the feeding frenzy in this live multiplayer game!
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►Awesome Games! – It’s Fishy but It’s Tasty – Join the feeding frenzy in this live multiplayer game! ***

Download the fishtastic game for free and enjoy the epic underwater adventure of feeding on other fishes! There’s only one rule of survival in this adrenaline-filled action game – Eat or be Eaten! Attack and eat other fishes to grow bigger – Munch or become someone else’s lunch!

Start your piscine odyssey in this fun-filled online multiplayer game as a small fish and eat squishy seaweed to gain mass. But look out! There are bigger fishes out there! Escape their attack by splitting or hiding behind stun bombs.

In this multiplayer fish game, the fun begins once you become a bigger fish! is a new innovative fish game where your large appetite gets relieved only by feasting on other fish. Unlike agar, mitos, nebulous or osmos, you can choose between different types of fishes in that have super powers and special skills – Take them out for a kill to enjoy your feeding frenzy.

Choose from two smooth game controls – joystick or tap screen – to explore the vast underwater expanse. Unravel the mysteries of the depth and discover treasures, sunken ships and remains of ancient beasts. Collect coins on Coin Day Saturdays during your hunt and use them to unlock new fish bowls and tanks.

The thrill intensifies when you enter the timed aquatic combat in Eat maximum fish and earn the top spot on the Daily, Weekly and Global leaderboards to unlock amazing rewards! Maximise your killing spree, evolve into a deadlier fish and get rewarded with fish tank and gold coins!
Also, take part in the daily tournaments and eat all you can to top the tournament leaderboard. Collect legendary & epic rewards and become the ultimate eating machine!
There’s a lot more to this exhilarating eating action! Check out the other cool features that you can enjoy during your hunger games – we bet you can’t find them in Agarabi, Osmos or Mitos!


– Beautifully Crafted Ocean Theme & Animated Fishes
– Eat and Get Rich – Collect Coins while you Eat!
– Use your Coins and Unlock New Fishes!
– Earn XPs, Badges and Special Skins
– Multiple Touch Controls – Tap or use Virtual Joystick
– Top the Leaderboard and win Rare Fish Bowls
– Take part in daily Tournaments and unlock epic & legendary rewards!
– Invite and battle with Friends for shells and other gifts
– Play with Friends through Facebook Connect/Game Center
– Daily Shops and Promotions for rare tanks, unlimited gold & more
– Unlock New Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks with shells