Continue to code our multiplayer Scratch game, we look at how to get 100+ players to join a single cloud game! In this second tutorial we will be looking at how to smooth our player motion using buffering lists, and how to allow any number of players to join our game even with only one cloud variable! Yes that’s from 1 to 100+ players! Crazy right?

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Upgrade your Scratch Games to be online multiplayer cloud games by following this exciting new Scratch Tutorial series. Whether you want just 2 to 8 players, or over 100 players, I will show you how it can be done using my newly developed fully backpackable cloud MMO engine. Any kind of game can be converted to online from platformers, space shooters, io games, 3d games, tile based scrollers, yes anything! Have you seen my recent MMO platformer or MMO minecraft? or Cloud Platformer Multiplayer Fun? Well now it’s your turn! Let’s get Scratching 😀

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
0:29 Movement Tweening vs. Buffering
1:54 Two sprites – “My Player” & “Cloud Player”
4:17 Rework the Cloud Player Sprite
6:56 Encoding the player’s buffered motion
8:30 Player 2 has joined the game
11:46 Player UID
13:06 Watching for Cloud Variable Updates
14:57 Who changed the cloud variable
17:37 Handling New or Existing Players?
22:53 Next Episode

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