This is the second video in a three-part collaboration with @Ania Kubów #JavaScriptGames and @Web Dev Simplified.

We are going to build the classic game Battleships.
– In the first video, Ania works out all of the single-player game logic.
– In this video, I will be adding to Ania’s code and working out the multiplayer game logic.
– Then, in the final video, Kyle at Web Dev Simplified will style it and add awesome animations.

In this video we will:
– Setup a Node.js server with Express
– Configure on the server and client-side to relay gameplay.
– Deploy the game to Heroku.

Be sure to go to Ania’s channel to watch the first video if you haven’t already. Then watch the next video in the series to see the completed, styled game.

Part 1: Ania Kubow:
Part 3: Web Dev Simplified:

Starting Code:
Ending Code:

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