Ants . io – Multiplayer Game -Trailer – Android Gameplay

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Do you like games with tons of fun and dynamic action? Then is definitely for you. Dive into amazing gameplay, build your ant army to become the great champion on the arena. Collect your teammates, different boosters and powerups to enforce your squad and defeat enemies. Build the biggest ant squad and win all rivals. is not such difficult as it may seem from the first view. Explore the arena, collect all the food you see, grow your ant army as big as possible – there are now limits!

Remember! You’re not alone on the arena. Other ant squads and magnificent spiders also hunt for food and will try to defeat you if you get in their way for haul. Stand out from other players ant squads and spiders to succeed on the level. Choose the color you like most to upgrade your ant gang and start a battle!

GAME FEATURES:- Amazing graphics & simple interface
– Easy controls
– Beautiful animations
– Active battles
– Several locations to play
– Different colors for your ants