Streaming and Gaming with my viewers in this game. If you want to game with us your more than welcome to do so. Better to play with others than Alone I think. Just put [Tokyo] name and you will be on same team as me and my viewers. Come join and have fun is all I ask.

Tired of gaming alone come join me and all my viewers in some games. Have fun with me and this chill clan that I have made. If you want me to support your clan give me a heads up and we can set up a date where we can help you and your clan.

Discord : Tokyo Clan

Going Live on weekdays
@ 8pm – 11pm Tokyo time
@ 12pm – 3pm Central European Time
@ 5am – 8am North American Mountain time
Looking for anybody to game with. Looking for some new people to play with as well. IF you want we can Co-Lab as well.

Check out

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