Eat – Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 (iOS Android)

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Eat to grow. Be the King of the Aquarium world

It’s not a fishbowl, it’s the vast natural ocean. Here, all kinds of hungry fish attack each other to become stronger and dominate the aquarium. The winner will grow their power and body by eating other fishes and eventually become the giant fish. Big fish eat small fish. Giant fish eat big fish. Mega fish eat giant fish; only legendary fish can survive the battle and evolve to even more awesome dangerous fish. Jungle Strike at your fingertips. No need for consoles or downloads. Simply click the play jungle strike pc for an instant blast from the past!

🦈 Featuring:
– All kinds of fish: Shark, Whale, Nemo, Nawarl, Goldfish, Dolphin,…
– Eat other fish to grow bigger and evolve up to 4 levels: Big Fish, Giant Fish, Mega Fish, and Legendary Fish
– 2 mysterious oceans
– Rewards after the battle.
– Awesome skills, be a clever fish.

Can you break the world record?