Sol Prime is a space exploration game with heavy focus on player-driven research and development. In the game, you will be able to explore vast reaches of randomly generated space, terraform foreign worlds and establish colonies there, create new ship designs, mine resources, and advance technologically, all the while fighting off or avoiding hostile aliens.

With Sol Prime, we are trying to do something different. The main focus we are approaching it with is leaving it completely up to the player how he or she wants to go about doing things, or even what things are to be considered objectives. In this sense, Sol Prime is a sandbox game. Each planet will be generated and have different resources, resources that have not actually been discovered by mankind yet. It will be driven by a "resource properties" system, which assigns property values to each resource based on an algorithm. These properties include things like boiling point, freezing point, tensile strength, and many more. With this kind of system, the player can discover new elements to use in his or her designs.

There will be no statically defined "recipes" for crafting items. Ie, you will not see something like "You need 4 iron for this". It is up to the player which resource to use, requiring him or her to think about which properties would work in what situations. For example, transporting liquid around a factory chain would necessitate use of pipes. Making pipes out of a resource with a very low melting/freezing point means that you cannot transport hot liquids, because your pipes would melt and therefore be destroyed.

We are shooting for a Q2 2017 early access release date.




Q. What systems do you intend to support?
A. Windows, Linux, and Mac. The complex nature of the game does not lend itself well to consoles.

Q. Will there be multiplayer?
A. Yes, with an emphasis placed on cooperation over competition. That said, if you want to attack each other, you are more than able to do so.

Q. What are the minimum system requirements?
A. At this stage in development, it's too early to give specifics. That said, we are doing what we can to optimize our game for all systems.

Q. How much money do I have to give you to have this game?
A. At this time, we're leaning towards a $30 USD price point.

Q. Where can I buy it?
A. At the moment, you can't - check back here in the near future. Be sure also to follow us on social media to get instant updates.

Q. What engine is this running on?
A. Unreal Engine 4.

Q. Do you have a discussion forum?
A. Yes!


Digital Empire Development was founded in 2014 by Apophix and Monatrox. Sol Prime will be our first release. Check us out at

Patrick "Apophix" Howe - Programmer

Zac "Monatrox" Taylor - Programmer

John "Soggy Piggy" Rochek - Programmer